It’s Thanksgiving and I awoke finding myself both wistful and poetic of times past and also of a thankful mind for what is as well as what was. Shortly after I awoke a dear friend called upset to find on his Thanksgiving Day he was going to have to put down his dog of over 13 years. His pup was a friend to two of my now departed dogs. I found memories of them all flooding back. And though sad, I found myself thankful for those times now gone as well as thankful as I looked down and saw Buddy, my present four-footed friend, the happiest dog I have ever known. I smiled and vowed to make the most of our love not despite the fact that one day he would be gone, rather because of it.

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The election has concluded. The Republican’s have stormed and overcome the Bastille. What now? Can we all be friends again?

A problem I see with people who are my patients or acquaintances or friends or pundits when it comes to politics seems simple. No matter how far out on either wing they may be they are certain their facts and research are correct. I find that interesting. Each side reads and watches and listens to those who promote the point of view they are inclined towards. That sort of selection bias is self- fulfilling. And to me it seems self serving.

I think it is fair to say there are persons on either side of the bird that are quite intelligent and well read. They aren’t necessarily wrong because they don’t hold your opinion.

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