The election has concluded. The Republican’s have stormed and overcome the Bastille. What now? Can we all be friends again?

A problem I see with people who are my patients or acquaintances or friends or pundits when it comes to politics seems simple. No matter how far out on either wing they may be they are certain their facts and research are correct. I find that interesting. Each side reads and watches and listens to those who promote the point of view they are inclined towards. That sort of selection bias is self- fulfilling. And to me it seems self serving.

I think it is fair to say there are persons on either side of the bird that are quite intelligent and well read. They aren’t necessarily wrong because they don’t hold your opinion.

Personally, I find it hard to ever know what’s what politically. First of all, imho the only person who has close to the truth is the president. (And hopefully, s/he will keep it to themselves – I see how gray they get and I doubt I could ever sleep again if I knew what they know.)

Moreover, it is hubris to assume you know the truth just because it fits with your beliefs and just because you “researched” the issue.

From my side of the couch I find cognitive and emotional style and needs to be critical in the formation of one’s political persuasion and conversation.

As I mentioned I have trouble knowing what is what politically. I remember a time back when there was a proposition on the ballot to make English California’s official language. I thought that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard of and even joked we shouldn’t use English but rather Sanskrit or Cuneiform . So, I did a little research into the issue. I found so much daunting material such as: if English was the official language, California would lose $55 Billion in federal aid because signs would not be translated into Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. In fact, what I actually learned was that even on a seeming “no brainer” I couldn’t get all the relevant information to make a truly educated choice.

In short, it would be nice to see people elected to office to function once again as statesman and less as perpetual politicians campaigning. And people for whom politics is their most passionate sport of all to be a little more humble and less certain before we become so polarized we fall of the bird.