Truth in advertising here: The author is a friend. All that out of the way, this is one fabulous read!


MIDMEN: The Modern Man’s Guide to Surviving Midlife Crisis (a la MadMen), is a must read. Besides being chock full of all sorts of interesting facts about middle age the book serves as both a handbook for surviving middle age as a man, and as an owner’s manual if you happen to be in possession of one of those surly, unruly creatures making their way through midlife: a foot soldier in the army of Midmen.

Many women suffer with PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) or PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) as it was called before becoming politically corrected. {Note the involvement of men in MENstrual}. Women also have another PMS to add to the intellectual malaise and existential dyspepsia of their world: the male equivalent, that unfortunately lasts far more than 5-7 days: male PMS (Permanent Midlife Syndrome).

Mr. Ochs lays the responsibility for pulling that last flipper out of the primordial ooze squarely where it belongs: on the shoulder (bending though they may be becoming) of the Mid Man himself. He lobbies for the evolvement of consciousness that blooms from accepting reality with a devilish pinch of insisting to laugh, love, have sex and live responsibly as we (at least) whistle past (on our way to) the graveyard.

Yet aside from all the fabulous information and source material for help with the trials and tribulations of being caught in the middle of children and aging parents as well as being stuck (though sadly, not for all that long) in the middle book of life; Mr. Ochs is about as smart and funny a writer as you could ever hope to meet.

As I have said in a few places of late his GED seems to stand for Graduate Equivalency: Doctorate.

So put your aging feet up, pop open a cold one, take a shower and shave (just in case you get lucky), and enjoy a book so well written the words come off the page.

Here’s a link to purchase the book on Amazon: Click Here