“I suffered through one of the most horrific family tragedies imaginable. I had gone to several other Psychologists prior to finding Ralph Diner. He was instrumental in helping me digest, cope and deal with my loss. If anyone is looking for a sympathetic, interactive and top level Psychologist, I recommend you reach out to Ralph.”

— Jason F., Los Angeles, CA

“In a crisis? Look for Ralph. I met Ralph Diner at Virginia Tech immediately after the 2007 shootings. When the world seemed hopeless to many, Ralph and his dog, Hero, brought hope to everyone there. While every crisis is a human crisis, Ralph transforms crisis into assurance.”

— James W. Satterfield, President/COO, Firestorm Crisis Management

“Dr. Ralph Diner is one of the most articulate, knowledgeable people I’ve ever met who speaks on innumerable issues in the field of human behavior. Dr. Diner can take complex ideas and synthesize them into understandable and entertaining sound bites. I’ve met thousands of “experts” and Dr. Diner stands out from the pack.”

— Terry Danuser, VP, Talent, Nat Geo Channel

“This is as easy a review as they come. Dr. Diner is a terrific therapist. We originally were referred to him for a pressing issue and he responded quickly and helped us work through the problem. He has proven to be a friendly, practical, and very fair therapist. We’ve worked with several other doctors but Dr. Diner is by far the best we’ve had the experience to see. I have no reservations recommending him whatsoever!”

— D.S. Porter Ranch, CA

A family member who had made several bereavement referrals to Dr. Diner over the years put me in touch with him at a time when I was struggling with an enormous loss and Dr. Diner helped me to come to terms with my grief and to reorganize my life. Since then, I too have recommended Dr. Diner to friends and colleagues and he has helped them to find healing as well. I am grateful for the guidance that this compassionate and caring professional provided me at a critical time in my life.

— David L, Los Angeles, CA

Family therapy. My wife and I have been working with Ralph now for about 12 months. His dedication to our relationship has been amazing and he has helped us through some very tough times. He has been there for us when we needed it and has provided important tools and insight to our relationship. We give him our best recommendations and continue to work with him.

— F.S.

“I was referred to Dr. Diner and his four-legged friend, “Buddy”, from an acquaintance I made while my mother was in a dementia unit.  My mom has since moved home.  Living a distance from my elderly parents has caused me much angst as my father’s physical health has deteriorated and my mother’s dementia has worsened. Ralph visits my parents and has discussed life alternatives, possible consequences, and viable suggestions for the two of them.  He then will contact me and offer help and ideas. For the first time EVER my dad is listening to me because of Dr. Diner’s input.  It is a gift to have my parents agree without having to convince, cajole, or ignore me.  My parents look forward to Dr. Diner and “Buddy” visits. Ralph has, for the first time in months, given me some hope and peace of mind.”   

— Stephanie G.

In my capacity as CEO of a major telemedicine health project, I was always able to call upon Ralph Diner for his expertise and creative solutions. It’s a pleasure to recommend him to anyone with a similar need.

— Roger Burlage, CEO, Castlebridge Enterprises

“Dr. Diner was not my 1st, 2nd or even the 3rd therapist that I sought out for help but he was surely my last and I continue to see him from time to time when I just need his insight. It’s so difficult to find a right match and very discouraging when you can tell from one session that it’s not going to work out. When I first met Dr. Diner, I felt he was a genuinely caring person. He knew exactly how to pull out the nitty gritty in a very insightful and non-threatening way. I’m always in awe when I leave his office and always feel empowered. He knows how to encourage people & has such an awesome sense of humor. He’s very relatable and that helps. If sessions became a little heavy, I always have the comfort of his therapy dog and that’s a plus in my book. If you are struggling with anything & just don’t know where to start, Dr. Diner won’t disappoint. I can go on and on about how wonderful he is. I HIGHLY recommend him.”

— M.N.

 “He is a God send! After losing my husband the grief for my son was too much to bear and his depression and anxiety was a nightmare. I wasn’t sure if he would ever come out of his shell but thanks to Dr. Diner and his generous heart my son is doing so much better and is on the road to a normal and happy life without any medication. I feel like we have a second chance in life. Thank you Dr. Diner!

— R.M.

Excellent! Dr. Diner after a very grief-filled time of my life. I honestly feel that his compassion, his caring and his support therapy were what helped me to be able to face the future. I sincerely recommend him to anyone who feels the need for help with any aspect of their life with someone so easy to talk to.

— Carol G.

Really helpful in a time of need. Dr. Diner was really there for me and my family when were in crisis. Went over and above the call of duty not only with our psychological needs but when it came to intervening with the insurance company when they balked, he did not hesitate to make sure that it was clear to the insurance company that our needs were of true necessity. Very easy to talk to and offered real solutions to the problem at hand.”

— P.D.

How Good Is Good? Ralph is the best. He has helped me understand myself. Ralph is quick to understand the problems and help you solve the problems. In a very short period he had me moving in the right direction. Due to his analytical abilities you feel that you can solve your problems.

— Ira G.

Gets to the nub of the problem quickly, kindly and without a lot of bullshit.
Very experienced,  pragmatic, and efficient, if you are willing to make a sustained effort. He is the best. Highly recommend.

— Mel B.

Dr. Diner is far and away the best therapist our family has had the privilege to meet and work with. We were originally referred to him when our son was experiencing some incredibly difficult issues. We honestly feared for his well-being. Not only has Dr. Diner helped him through the tough times, but he has established such an amazing bond and working relationship with our son that he has been able to get back on track and finish high school, has subsequently been accepted to college and is excited to spread his wings and go live on campus this fall. For us, this is a HUGE victory that we never thought was going to be a possibility before we met Dr. Diner. Beyond being a fantastic therapist, he’s a genuinely decent & caring person and has a great sense of humor too!

— D.D.

“He’s brilliant, and gets to the heart of the problem.  Doesn’t sugar coat, but compassionate.  Highly recommended!  Most highly!”

— Joan L.

“Allow me to begin by saying that Dr. Ralph Diner is quite possibly the most helpful therapist, and person, I have had the pleasure of meeting. He went above and beyond to help me, and without his knowledge and insight, I probably would not be where I am today. No matter what the issue, I was confident that together, he and I would overcome it. With inspirational thoughts, and encouraging reinforcement, Dr. Diner was and is the reason I am as capable as I am now.”

— K.M.