I saw my first patient in 1976. Since then I have practiced as a psychologist in numerous capacities and settings. I have a broad range of knowledge over many treatment areas. In the course of practicing in those specialties I have also acquired many sub-specialty skill sets that are commonly (or not so commonly) employed in those areas of concern.

Having personally seen several thousand patients in (just short of) 40 years, I have also supervised the treatment of tens of thousands more. And, I have noticed that, IMHO, categorizing treatment techniques or specialty areas is essentially a rough brush stroke. By this I mean that almost never have I employed just one technique (e.g. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT) with any individual. Early on in my training and practice I was a “this” school of therapy therapist, or a “that” school of therapy therapist. Today, I treat the person sitting across from me. To do that effectively, I pull from all my experience to frame the conversation and provide the interventions in a style most likely to work with that individual.

What this all means is that while I have depth of experience in my areas of specialty, my background and training has prepared me to work with a wide variety of problems and personalities. After having a look at the links via the Specialties menu above, if there is a specific school of therapy you are attracted to, a specific specialty you feel is important for your healing, or if there’s something you don’t see, call me and we can discuss your issues and concerns and see if the chemistry and my style (as I read you) are a match. I look forward to speaking with you.