I do not operate a drug rehab program. Anyone in the throes of addiction that wants to stop using requires a program of some sort. At the very least they need an outpatient program such as AA, NA, SAA, MA, or whatever A is optimized for their particular addiction of choice.

That being said, working with a therapist as an adjunct or as part of sobriety maintenance can be very helpful. Since the mid 1970s I have worked with smokers at MRFIT, drug users at the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinics, alcoholics in many different settings, sugar/fat addicts (if there is a food addiction that is where it lives), and people fighting for and maintaining sobriety in their lives. I feel I have an understanding of the issues and the effective interventions.

Research into epigenetics helps explain the roots of relapse. Epigenetics is a complicated topic and best left to a face-to-face discussion. However, the research underlines the need to understand one’s behavioral chains and find effective interventions in order to minimize the time spent in lapses. Support groups can help with this. Therapy provides individualized and focused attention on each person’s cues and rewards. As well, deeper more painful roots can be addressed more easily one on one.

Reach out to me and I will be happy to discuss and assess if a therapeutic relationship between us would be helpful.